To elevate your experience with us, we have meticulously designed each event, or as we call them, JOURNEYS for the First Edition of Pravaas. Everything you eat, drink, listen to, hold, witness, learn about, or even every path you take is an exclusive yet holistic journey in itself.


‘The Aaina Hall’ or the hall of mirrors is a lavish lounge that is decorated with furniture, art & craft from the royal museum of the Jai Vilas Palace, exclusively for The First Edition of Pravaas.


Better yet, an imperial mirrored bar adorns this already magnificent hall, and is all set to further uplift your experience and truly make you feel like royalty. This bar once served the Maharanis of Gwalior, and is now brought to your disposal as it follows your journey on-site, particularly for the 2-day experience and will cater to all your needs through the day. Have unrestricted access to your favorite pours brought to you, prepared & served to your specifications.

On this journey, your preferred pours are to be served at Silver bar by Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Stranger & Sons.

'The Baraamda' is a digitally enhanced bespoke exhibit giving our explorers unprecedented access into a handcrafted & restored display of timeless artifacts, and an Art Tunnel created by No Grey Area.


The intimate experience will be enhanced with digital-interactivity enabled via QR codes for more than 25+ legendary objects of history to help elevate your experience of the great Maratha trail.


That’s not all! We are also putting on display the bespoke crockery handcrafted by local artisans using traditional production methods, for your exclusive use at the dinner curated by masque.


Lap up delectable short-eats & native delicacies in the first ever, and a truly indulgent and intimate picnic set-up in the forested complex of the Jai Vilas Palace. Take-in the gorgeous sights as you make your own trail and lose yourself in the pleasures of imperial leisure.


The Hiran Vann, once an actual grazing zone for the deer of the forest, invites our guests with a stage being set up for a dreamy extraveganza with artists.

Event Date and Timings: 19th Dec 2021, 1PM - 5:30PM

Live the history of the epic Gwalior Fort as Pravaas transports you across ancient lands to the iconic monument. Feel the joy & thrill of discovery coupled with the exhilaration of the journey driven by BMW.

Sip on lavish gimlet cocktails prepared by a master mixologist, keeping in mind the local history & tradition and relish the signature cocktail stirred by Stranger & Sons, exclusively for your journey with Pravaas. Savour your beverages in an intimate and relaxed setting by The Jai Vilas Palace, as you expand your creative horizons amidst a limited gathering of curious individuals, while enjoying informal discussions and a tour through the history of the Gwalior Fort, one of India’s architectural marvels of the 8th century, perched atop a hill as it basks in its own glory.


As our guest, you will gain unprecedented access and a personally guided tour with only a limited set of individuals, to the Royal Museum of the Scindia Dynasty that resides in the heart of the Jai Vilas Palace. Under the world’s largest, most majestic chandeliers, it hosts a trove of legendary artifacts, history and the many triumphs of the princely family through different eras, as well as experience the magic of the regal silver train previously used to serve food & spirits to the royal family.